Triumph of the Spirit – Mamilla Visitors Center For Individuals and Groups of Up to 40 People


Age 15 and up

Up to 150 viewers simultaneously

Over 70,000 viewers so far!

Delivered to your door. All you need are chairs! 

50-70 minutes

For a 360°view on a smartphone, move the device or drag the video with your finger. On a computer, click and drag the mouse.

A virtual-reality tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, using a VR headset

Join an incredible, poignant, electrifying 3D experience in Poland—without leaving your location. Don a VR headset and an experienced tour guide will take you on a 65-minute tour that will leave you feeling closely connected to earlier generations.

The tour begins in the vibrant Jewish community of Krakow and then moves on to the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Throughout the tour, the spotlight focuses on timeless Jewish heroism.

The VR tour provides the closest experience to actually being there. You will be accompanied by Rabbi Yisrael Goldwasser, a leading Holocaust lecturer and researcher.

You ring, we bring:

No need to leave your workplace or school. Skip the hassle of arranging transportation and traveling; save the extra expense and spare yourself physical exertion. Our staff comes to you with a personal headset comprised of earphones and VR glasses. The screening is operated by experienced technicians.

The VR headsets enable you to be present at the camp. You can look 360° around you and even gain a bird's-eye-view with the help of a drone hovering above. You feel the earth and see the ashes. You're physically there; you hear your own footsteps. Follow the guide as he makes his way from the crematoria to the showers, from the barracks to the train tracks to the lineup area. Touch the wooden bunks. Experience the same emotional impact experienced by those who travel to Poland. The moving tour of the camp is accompanied by the professional, fascinating explanation of Rabbi Yisrael Goldwasser, an internationally acclaimed speaker on the subject of the Holocaust

Feeling As If You're There

Incredible experience
No advance preparation necessary
Program operated by staff
We come to you
All-day content

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A Little Bit About Us

We're three haredi creatives: Miriam Cohen, Chani Koplowitz and Yuti Neiman. We've been managing production studios specializing in content production for more than a decade.

We have lots of experience working with educational facilities, with an emphasis on providing empowering viewing experiences and appropriate theater content. Our resume features more than 15 years of accomplishment and a variety of productions.

After conducting extensive research, we decided to use cutting-edge technology to enable people who cannot or do not want to visit Poland to benefit from a 3D experience that provides the same impact as a physical visit. The 3D experience also serves as a powerful "supplementary visit" for those who have already been to Poland.

We feel that this project has the vital mission of promoting Holocaust awareness among the Jewish population in general and among Jewish youth in particular.

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